Healthy Delights Coconut Oil is an excellent source of MCTs — or medium-chain triglycerides or fatty acids – per serving. Easily digested and absorbed, MCTs provide a quick source of energy along with other unique nutritional benefits supporting thyroid and heart health and a healthy metabolism.*

Typically, 98 to 100 percent of the fats we eat are LCTs, or long-chain fatty acids. Research suggests replacing LCTs with MCTs can help you lower body weight and reduce fat storing.* Coconut oil helps stimulate your metabolism so you may burn more calories each day, making it the perfect companion to any weight loss plan.*

Healthy Delights Coconut Oil contains nearly 7g of lauric acid per serving, an important compound naturally found in mother’s milk. Just as it helps keep babies healthy, lauric acid has been shown to help strengthen the immune system.*

Healthy Delights Coconut Oil is made from hand selected, fresh picked organic coconuts grown in a pure and pristine environment – free from herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants. Healthy Delights Coconut Oil is cold-expeller pressed, cholesterol-and trans-fat free, solvent and chemical free and non-GMO.

No Cholesterol – Non GMO - No Trans Fat – Gluten FREE

AS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT, Healthy Delights Coconut Oil promotes heart health, immune health, and thyroid function.* By supporting a healthy metabolism, Coconut Oil may help you burn more calories.*